About SwimOptimum

Our Goal
The goal for SwimOptimum is to become a repository for the “life of the swimmer” so they can measure as many elements of their progress throughout their career as they wish. The success of Nike+ in running has some parallels with the potential for SwimOptimum for Swimming. Hence, research and development is very focused on increasing ease of use, with a goal of pool side analysis within minutes of racing. SwimOptimum has been designed to allow swimmers at all levels to measure race metrics and analyse stroke technique using online video analysis tools and storage.

The SwimOptimum website creates a robust performance analysis system for either individuals or team coaching staff. The project is a ‘collaboration between double Olympic medallist Nick Gillingham MBE at SCG Ltd and IIS Ltd, who develop commercial web applications for some of the largest corporates in the world. The current website represents a significant investment of development effort and a belief in the potential to improve the resources available to competitive swimmers. SwimOptimum facilitates an analysis and reporting process that has to date only been available to elite athletes using expensive equipment and manually intensive processes. It currently includes the following features:
  • Swim Log
Our Swim Log feature allows swimmers to record the total time and distance covered in the pool every day. This can be displayed against any targets which the swimmer's coach has set. Combined with the ability to record race data, SwimOptimum provides a comprehensive swim logging facility, allowing you to clearly see your progress through time.
  • Stroke Analysis
Our Stroke Analysis editor allows the swimmer/coach to evaluate how they swim verses the optimum elements for each stroke. The user can study optimum technique via our bespoke videos of elite swimmers. For detailed quantitative analysis SwimOptimum world renowned experts can be engaged to provide a technical performance blueprint. The system identifies hot spots on the SwimOptimum performance wheel (technique profile) which swimmers and coaches can track as they progress. High Calibre International SwimOptimum Coaches have recently been recruited (licensed performance coaches) and are becoming active worldwide.
  • Race Analysis
The Race Analysis editor enables you to record breakouts, splits, turn times, stroke rates and stroke counts and other metrics such as velocity both above and below the water through just clicking on the race video at the appropriate time. The full results of analyses can then be viewed.
  • Race Analysis Reporting
A sophisticated reporting environment allows personal progress to be reviewed and compared to other SwimOptimum and world-class performances and data within your personal account. SwimOptimum has tailored XLCubed's business intelligence software to swimming in a way which represents race data intuitively. Where we can, we have used visual means to represent race analysis data.
  • iPad App
SwimOptimum has released an App which allows real time race analysis by the pool whilst you are filming it. Our focus at present is with Apple devices to take advantage of their popularity.

Further Developments
Future R&D activity is targeted at assessing data capture devices for the real time measurement of stroke characteristics through use of accelerometers and other technology. We are also investigating automating swimmer recognition in video. We are consistently considering new features to make the site and the analysis tools the best they can be. You can contact us if you have any suggestions for improvements and additions to the site. We welcome the feedback.

SwimOptimum uses bespoke technology with quantified feedback to identify and rate techniques and race performances identifying areas of development for whole performance improvement. SwimOptimum believes that the technology and methodology will be of significant assistance to all swimmers and is set against world class measures to achieve the very best results. Many swimmers are readily seeing the benefit of use. The level of interest from Swimmers, Parents, Club Coaches, Clubs, Training Institutions as well as Sports Scientists led to the successful use of SwimOptimum at the London2012 Olympic Trails where ASA England Talent Swimming National Governing Body (Swimming Federation) took full adoption.

Our License
The current license fee is an annual subscription for each swimmer and is set at a modest cost for the user. At the end of the subscription period full analysis viewing can still be achieved as the account will revert to a ‘basic account’ if no further subscription is paid to use the analytical tools. An email request by the user will need to be sent to Team SwimOptimum to ensure a basic account is activated.  

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